Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5-5-17 MSS Construction

May 3, 2017
      Did you know Mr. Adler came to speak to Mrs. Peters’ and Ms. Baillargeon’s class on Wednesday? He came to speak to us about the construction that is taking place at our school. Mr. Adler was wearing a white hard hat. The workers wear them for safety. Mr. Adler showed us architectural drawings of Main Street School with the new floor plan. He also showed us a drawing that looked like a photograph of the finished construction. We saw an aerial view of the building and a hot top view.
These are some of our observations that we shared with Mr. Adler.
  • We have seen a lot of trucks in the courtyard construction site.
  • We saw a cement truck mixing cement then pouring it into wooden boxes for the foundation.
  • They put a fence around the construction site.
  • We saw an excavator digging gravel and pavement out of the ground and putting it into a dump truck.
  • We noticed they blocked 3 doors to the outside by the gym for safety. They also blocked Ms. Doherty’s door. We now come into and leave the building from different doors.
  • We see metal rods sticking up from the holes. We learned that the rods will make the cement stable and strong.
  • We can see pipes in the holes. They may be for water or drainage.

These are some questions we had for Mr. Adler.
  • When will the construction be finished?  The timeline looks a little like this:  
  • We may see the frame up before we leave school in June. By December the new section should be done. Then renovations to some of the older parts of MSS will take place. The project should be finished by the summer of 2018.
  • Why are we doing this?  We will be adding full day kindergarten so we need new kindergarten classrooms.
  • Why did they put the green covering around the fence?  The green covering keeps the dust and other particles from blowing through the fence.

It was interesting to learn about the construction at Main Street School.

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