Wednesday, June 14, 2017

6-14-17 MSS Construction Update by Ms. Welch's & Ms. Bell's Classes

Do you want to learn about Main Street School construction?? Mrs. Welch’s and Ms. Bell’s classes sat down for a chat with Mr. Adler to find out more about what’s going on outside our windows.
The construction workers are using a crane right now! They are using the crane to lift up bars and put them in their places. These are going to be the support beams! Support beams are really important because they hold up the joists and the floor. When we looked out the window, we saw a yellow tube curled up in a circle. We found out that the yellow tube will bring water into the building to the sinks and water fountains. We found out the workers use a lot of tools. The construction workers are starting to build the frames of the classrooms. They are building it so that we can have full day kindergarten. There will be 8 new classrooms, and 3 classrooms are being renovated.

One student asked if Mr. Adler thought that construction workers have fun. We decided that when the workers finish and look at all they’ve done, they might decide they had fun because they worked so hard and it came out so awesome. We decided this is a feeling second graders can have when we work hard and feel proud of our work. We like watching construction at Main Street School!

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