Thursday, October 12, 2017

October 11, 2017
Where does electricity come from? Mrs. Welch’s and Ms. Bell’s classes learned about electricity and electricians in the new addition at Main Street School.
We learned that power lines go all around the state of New Hampshire including into the new part of Main Street School. The power comes from the street. We found out that sometimes electricians put wires inside tubes for safety. They put the wires in the walls and ceilings. Electricians take 5 years to learn and practice their job. We found out that the roof is made of EPDM, which keeps the addition dry while the electricity is installed.

We are proud of the new place for our school. Now you know about electricity at Main Street School. Bye-bye, folks!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October 4th MSS Construction Update

And we have windows!  😁

October Construction Update at Main Street School

      Mr. Adler and Mr. Salome visited Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Peter’s class today! The students learned a lot of information about the construction project at Main Street School. The students shared observations about what they have noticed with the building’s physical changes. They commented about the workers adding windows and doors and that they finished the outside walls and are now working on the inside.
     The foreman explained he works for Meridian construction company. He explained that Meridian manages the workers who put in the foundation, the steel, and other work so that the project goes safely and correctly. Students learned about the job of a project manager and a supervisor to manage the workers.
   The brick work is being completed on the building.   One student, Tyler, shared the fact, “The brick layers were in charge of doing the bricks.” Students learned new vocabulary around the project such as mortar and masons. They learned that bricks were baked in an oven and they are stacked one at a time one on top of the other. It was observed that the bricks are very heavy.
    Annabelle asked, “Is the roof made of brick?”  The roof is made of metal decking with insulation and EPDM material that gets glued down so no water will come in.     
     Tyler asked “Why do the bricks not fall down?” It was explained that there is CMU and other materials to secure the bricks to the block.
     Students were asked, “What do you think you need to know to be a mason?”
      One student’s answer was, “You would train to be a professional.” The students learned that there are apprentices. You start as a mason tender and you lay the bricks and CMU to start the brick laying process. 
    Another student commented, “To be a brick layer I imagine you have to listen to a lot of rules.” Students learned why the construction workers wear white hard hats and about the person who does the drawings of the building. They draw floor plans and blue prints and are called architects.
     Lily asked, “How do you get the bricks?” It was explained that they come from a supplier and they unload them with a forklift.
    Another student question, “How do you lay the bricks on so they’re not crooked?” The masons use laser levels and plumb lines to make sure the bricks are even.
     Our second graders learned a LOT of information about the building process! Students learned the importance in following directions, listening to teachers and adults, and to practice math, reading, and writing to work as an architect, mason, or other building professional or tradesman. We thank Mr. Salome and Mr. Adler for visiting with our classes to talk about the construction project!