Monday, November 20, 2017

MSS Kindergarten Construction Update 11/20/17

Construction News
reported by Mrs. Gregg’s Class
November 2017

Mr. Adler introduced us to the Construction Manager for
Meridian Construction, Mr. Salome. We learned that construction
workers always wear hard hats and steel toe boots to be safe. The
gear is called a Personal Protection System.
Mr. Salome told us that his workers use Blue Prints and Floor
Plans to know where things go, so they don’t have to remember
everything. The project will be completed for next fall. We will not
move in January.
We found out that two classrooms will turn into hallways to get
to the new building. They will need more time to get those hallways
ready. Classes will switch rooms for next school year. They will
move the door to the supply closet out of our room. There will be a
new custodian’s closet, and new girls’ and boys’ bathrooms. Mrs.
Putney gets a new office! Mrs. Fisher’s room will be a computer lab.
We will visit Mrs. Gregg in her new room next year, right above
our Book Buddies’ new classroom with Mrs. Tabor. We are excited
for the new kindergarteners to have space.